How to create your account

Your Interlink Pro account gives you access to a whole range of functionalities that will allow you to easily manage your availability and to be easily contacted by employers.


There are two types of Interlink Pro account:

The Interpreter Account

The Employer Account


Are you an interpreter?

To create your Interlink Pro account, you just need to click on the Sign Up tab on the homepage and follow instructions.

There are three steps to setting up an account:

1. Fill out the required information on the form

2. Select a plan (free trial, monthly subscription, annual subscription)

3. Activate your account by clicking on the activation email

All you have to do is create your profile that can be seen by employers and people of your choice!


Are you an employer?

In order to create an employer account you must be acting on behalf of a recognised organisation (international organisation, non-governmental organisation, interpreting agency)

A recruiter account can be created through the following three steps:

1. Fill out the required information on the form

2. Receive the confirmation email from InterlinkPro (after validation of your request) 

3. Activate your employer account by clicking on the activation email.

You can now recruit interpreters in a few clicks!


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