Until the introduction of Interlink Pro both interpreters and providers of interpretation services did not have access to a comprehensive online global database.

Interpreters were spread in different online and physical databases that in most of the cases were databases shared with other professionals not specific to the interpreting segment.

With the lack of a database that served as an umbrella system for interpreters, they have lacked visibility, reliant on the use of time-consuming and conventional methods to reach out to their employers and advertise their services.

On the other hand, providers of interpretation services also used conventional recruitment methods, such as emails, LinkedIn or phone calls to reach out to their interpreters. Those conventional methods would end up in a lengthy communication process which not always produced the desired outcome: Find professionals available and hire them.

With the advent of Interlink Pro interpreters enjoy more visibility through a customized profile in which they can securely add and edit personal information, post their current availability and keep track of their latest job offers.

Because Interlink Pro is specific to the interpreting segment of the language services industry, providers of interpretation services have a unique database and a powerful search engine to securely book and hire a tried and true interpreter according to their specific needs. The hiring process takes less than 40 seconds.

Interlink Pro was developed in close cooperation with interpreters and providers of interpretation services from the public and private sector. This enabled us to create fine-tuned solutions to respond directly to their specific needs.

Interlink Pro is free and all its members are professional and certified interpreters, with all the necessary skills to produce the highest quality interpretations in every language.